How to Help

When you give to The Healing Homes Project, you make a difference in the lives of children affected by poverty, HIV/AIDS and malnutrition. There are many ways to help! Consider these ideas:

  1. Monetary Donations. Any amount, large or small, makes a difference. Did you know that it costs just 40 cents a day to purchase the pills that can save the life of an HIV-infected person in Africa? Did you know that you can prevent a child from contracting malaria with a $10 mosquito bed net? Every dollar donated today can make a difference for a child tomorrow.

    Make your tax-deductible donation by:

    Credit Card. Make a one-time donation or a recurring donation via our website.

    Personal Check. Mail your check, made payable to “The Healing Homes Project,” to P.O. Box 374, Long Beach, CA 90801.

    When donating money, you will receive a receipt from The Healing Homes Project at year’s end for tax purposes.

  2. Clothing, Bedding, Toiletries, Toys, School Supplies, Medical Supplies, and Kitchen Supplies. We are always in need of items for everyday living. For a complete list of desired items, click here.

    If you're buying new items, save your receipts for tax purposes; if you're donating gently-used items, you will receive a receipt from Healing Homes. It will be your responsibility to estimate the value of your donated items for tax purposes.

    A shipping address will be provided that allows you to send your items in by mail or UPS/FedEx.

  3. Volunteer Your Time and Talents. You can help raise awareness and money by volunteering to hold a fundraiser in your community. Host a play, fashion show, talent show, music festival, or art show. Hold a raffle or silent auction. Organize a yard sale or car wash. Or maybe you have your own creative idea. Contact us for help organizing your event. We’re happy to help!

There are many other ways you can help the Healing Homes Project. These are only a few suggestions. Every little bit counts, so search your heart and if you feel led, then contribute as we have suggested or contact us for more ideas.


Please consider donating to our organization. The Healing Homes Project is a licensed and registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit.

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Air Miles

We're working on a system whereby you can donate your unused air miles to offset the costs of transportation. Stay tuned for more details.

Tell a Friend

Spread the word! Another way to make a difference: Tell your friends about Healing Homes. Write up an email about us and send it to your circle.