Our Project Mission

Healing Homes believes that every child deserves to grow and thrive in a nurturing and safe environment. We work with corporations and local populations to build safe, self-sufficient, sustainable communities for orphaned children in developing nations. Our vision is to build Healing Homes communities all over the world—starting in Africa.

Why Africa?

The prospects for orphaned children in Sub-Saharan Africa are especially bleak. Left without parents, abandonment and abuse are the norm. Extended families unable to provide emotional and logistical support must turn their backs on their orphaned relatives. Children barely old enough to take care of themselves must instantly become caretakers and providers for themselves and their siblings. The consequences of this situation are dire.

  • Functionally, with decreased access to adequate nutrition, basic health care, housing, education and clothing, child mortality and morbidity skyrockets.

  • Emotionally, the grief and trauma over the loss of parents can greatly increase psychological and psychosocial problems.

  • Ethically, the exploitation of these children—from child labor to physical and sexual abuse—is unacceptable.

These children need a home. They need an education, and they need to be loved. Building communities will provide them with a safe place to sleep where they know they will not go hungry. Fresh water will be available and a garden will produce needed food. They will learn in an on-site school and be allowed to play freely on a playground. When they are sick, they will have a clinic to visit, and when they would like it, they will have someone to hug.

Our Mission


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