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  • Acquisition of Botlhale jwa Phala ("Clever Springbok") Paper/Recycling Plant, Otse.
    The Healing Homes Project has acquired the Otse paper/recycling plant called Botlhale jwa Phala, which means Clever Sprinbok in Tsetswana. Over the years, Gaborone businesses donated their 'trash' to the plant where the paper was recycled then used to make gift bags, cards, stationery, etc. that businesses throughout Botswana would then purchase. The plant is the result of an Otse woman's vision to provide jobs for the village youth to teach them a sense of responsibility while also providing a source of income for them. The Healing Homes Project will continue to honor the woman's original vision while working towards expanding the business further to provide more opportunities for the village.

    From gift bags and greeting cards to stationery and photo mats, here are some examples of paper products that the plant produces:
  • Sir Ketumile Masire Foundation Press Conference
    Sir Ketumile Masire Foundation Press Conference
  • Press Conference in Gaborone, Botswana. October, 2009.
    On October 29th, a press conference was held in Gaborone, Botswana where The Healing Homes Project signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Sir Ketumile Masire Foundation, which is a foundation that was created to honor the inspiring and stellar career achievements of Sir Quett Ketumile Masire, who was Botswana's Vice President for 14 years and President another 18 years thereafter. He is co-founder of the Botswana Democratic Party and was a leading figure in the new government while also playing a crucial role in facilitating and protecting Botswana's steady financial growth and development. Since his retirement in 1998, he has been actively involved in conflict resolution and prevention, promotion of good governance and representative democracy, as well as capacity building for young African leaders.

    The purpose of the conference was to announce that a partnership between our two organizations has commenced. One of the main objectives of the Sir Ketumile Masire Foundation is to assist children with congenital disabilities by raising awareness, supporting research and sharing knowledge of those disabilities. They will also act as an intermediary by providing a liaison service between the children's needs and those who can meet them. Their foundation will play a supportive role in this partnership by assisting The Healing Homes Project in improving existing services at Dula Sentle with things such as helping to reduce the stigma that surrounds children affected by HIV/AIDS. We are extremely excited about the success of this venture due to the synergy within the organizations.

Sir Ketumile Masire Foundation Press Conference
Sir Ketumile Masire Foundation Press Conference
Sir Ketumile Masire Foundation Press Conference
Sir Ketumile Masire Foundation Press Conference
Sir Ketumile Masire Foundation Press Conference
Sir Ketumile Masire Foundation Press Conference
  • Return to Botswana. June, 2009.
    A return trip to Dula Sentle in Otse, Botswana will be made to facilitate the transfer of title and possession to The Healing Homes Project. Once the transfer occurs, the supplies, appliances, materials and all things needed for the re-establishment of the facility will be brought to the location and prepared accordingly for the children. The target date for the re-opening is set for the fall of 2009!

  • LA Sunset. May 30, 2009. 5-9 pm. Los Angeles, CA
    Preview the photos and footage taken from the trip to Botswana. See the children whom Healing Homes will be providing for! Located on the famous Sunset Boulevard while watching the sunset, bid on wonderful prizes through the silent auction while meeting new people all gathered for the same cause. Wine, cocktails and appetizers will be provided. Stay tuned for more details!

  • Trip to Botswana. February, 2009.
    A location has been found! Since the launch of Healing Homes in September, miraculous events have occurred. Through a series of connections from long lost friends, Healing Homes was put into contact with the founders of Dula Sentle, an orphanage in Otse, Botswana!

    Built in 2001, the orphanage accommodates one hundred children and has plenty of space for future expansion. The orphanage was designed in the exact layout that Healing Homes had initially envisioned. With a schoolhouse for learning, a playroom for arts and crafts, fresh water to drink and bathe in, electricity to keep the children warm and a playground, the children of Dula Sentle will again have their basic needs met. There's also a dining hall where the children gather every afternoon for a hot meal complete with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice that comes from their on-site orange grove. The facility even has Internet access!

  • Celebrity eBay Auction. January, 2009.
    Starting January 15, visit eBay and run a search for The Healing Homes Project. Bid on exciting celebrity items and events!

  • The Healing Homes Project Silent Auction. November 8, 2008. Los Angeles, CA.



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