Corporate sponsorships are a primary source of funding for non-profits. With the help of these corporations, the vision of Healing Homes can come to fruition. Money is needed for the inception of projects, while donated goods are needed for the completion. Land must be purchased to build upon and supplies must be bought for hired crews to begin building. Once the community is move-in ready, furniture, toys, clothing and food will be needed in order for the children to facilitate making a home for themselves. For a complete list of goods that are needed, click here.

Sponsoring a Child

Once the children have moved into their new home, Healing Homes will offer the opportunity to sponsor a child. Photos, ages and interests of the children will be provided. Sponsors will then contribute monthly towards a specific child’s needs, including their food, shelter, clothing and overall well-being. Periodic updates of the child’s progress will be sent along with correspondence from the actual child. Stay tuned for further details.